We don't just envision great products. We design, build, and ship them, too.


We created our product development processes with one simple philosophy in mind: Innovation.

At AGM, we continuously create innovative solutions for the challenges you face.

Our advanced product development teams work to enhance your driving experience by improving key features such as style, safety, security, and quality.

After analyzing customer requirements and anticipating demands for future vehicles, we are able to develop innovative ideas for solutions to advance our products.

AGM is at the forefront of trends and technology because of our ability to transform innovative ideas about electronics, lighting, or textiles into implementation-ready solutions.


Our wide range of capabilities include:

injection molding

Injection Molding

AGM’s injection molding lines are set-up to allow flexible production, ensuring customer delivery requirements are met on time and within budget.

AGM has a wide range of injection molding capabilities:
• Single-Shot Injection Molding
• Dual-Shot Injection Molding
• Insert Molding
• Vertical Injection Molding
• Gas-Assisted Injection Molding

plastic injection icon

Plastic Decorating

AGM has a wide range of plastic decorating capabilities:
• Secondary Treatments

  • UV Blocking
  • Hard Coating for Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Hydrophobic for water resistance
  • Oleophobic for clean-ability and fingerprint resistance

• Painting
• Silk and Pad Printing
• Laser Etching
• In Mold Decorating
• Chrome Plating
• Vacuum Metalizing

light icon

Electronics Assembly

AGM’s team designs and produces a variety of electronic components:
• Lead Free Processing
• Post Reflow AOI System
• Robotic and Selective Soldering
• Wave Soldering
• Selective Conformal Coating

gears icon

Value-Added Assembly

AGM operations include Value-Added Assembly processes that incorporate a blend of manual semi-automated and automated assembly. All mechanical and electronic assemblies are validated prior to shipping through comprehensive end of line testing. These assemblies include:
• Floor Mat Conversion
• Wire Harness Assembly
• End Item Assembly

textile icon

Textile Processing

AGM Durmont specializes in lightweight coating technology and sandwich textile constructions. Our floor mats and molded carpets have low emission and latex free components that meet special friction and acoustic requirements. Our flexible textile processing capabilities include:
• Extrusion with Thermoplastic Backing
• Molding with Rubber Backing
• Cut Pile and Loop Carpet Tufting
• Various Edge Treatments including binding and surging
• Laminating with lightweight backings
• Welded and Embroidered Logos and Metal Badges

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