AGM is a trusted engineering, design, and development partner in the automotive space.

We offer world class design, manufacturing, distribution, and assembly across the globe. AGM stays on top of the rapidly changing global specifications and requirements in our industry.

Our locations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, work closely with customers in the early stage component design process. We have repeatedly demonstrated success in technical expertise, predictive engineering tools and rapid prototyping techniques. This enables us to deliver products with superior quality and functionality at a globally competitive price—all within a short product development cycle.


Our core competencies include:

Design, Development, Prototyping, & Validation Toolbox

Design & Development


  • Light Tools
  • Zemax

Electrical Software

  • Altium
  • Orcad PSpice
  • MathCad
  • Solidworks Flow

Product Design

  • UGNX
  • Solidworks
  • Auto CAD


Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

  • SLA
  • FDM
  • Mechanical & Electrical Mock Up
  • SMT
  • Laser Etching


Electrical Testing

  • EMC function generators
  • ESD
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Cross Section Equipment


  • Multiple Camera Systems
  • Lux Meters
  • Integrating Sphere


  • Flammability Chamber
  • Tensile, Flex, & Compression Testing
  • Haptics Testing
  • Taberware Testing
  • Color & Gloss Testing
  • Instron Testing


  • Durability Cycle Testing
  • Thermal & Humidity Testing
  • Salt Spray & Salt Mist
  • Cold Curl Vibration


  • FMVSS 302
  • FMVSS 201
  • FMVSS 118
  • ECE 21
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